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Services of the Commerce Development Research Institute

Competitive analysis of enterprises and consumer analysis

  • Competitive advantage analysis 
  • Consumer needs survey 
  • Analysis of the local trade circles in Taiwan 
  • Database of consumption power in cities of China and Southeast Asia 
  • Monitoring of the reputation of the webs in the cities of China 

Development of domestic and overseas market

  • Analysis of domestic and foreign product markets and competition 
  • Site selection analysis 
  • Assessment of entrance into the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and strategy recommendation 
  • Assessment of entrance into the market of China and strategy recommendation Assistance in the development in emerging markets 
  • (primarily consumer goods and secondarily industrial goods) 

Strategic thinking of business model and development

  • Brand Development Strategy 
  • Formulation of corporate development strategy 
  • Assessment of product distribution channels 

Installation of standard operating procedure for corporate management

  • Establishment of organization culture and training systems 
  • e-Commerce operation and management 
  • Assessment of business partners and development of terms and conditions 
  • Inspection of routine operation systems and establishment of a system for continued improvement 
  • The planning of franchised store chains and corporate headquarters 

Human resources development and incubation for enterprises

  • Assistance to enterprises in the establishment of interactive teaching models and development of teaching materials 
  • Installation of business executive training program 
  • Supervision for the establishment of internal accreditation system for enterprises 
  • Incubation of innovative business

The digitalization and internationalization of the service industry

The focal research areas include the international development of digital economy、 the construction of digital society、the re-distribution of international value chain in the AIOT era、the digital transformation driven by consumer data and the new business model due to the changes brought by the internet.