International Digital Commerce Research Division

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The speed of the internet connectivity and computation has changed personal lifestyle、business model、industry structure、society organization and how the world interacts. Under this new world economy, the International Digital Commerce Research Division is committed to contribute to the innovative business model of the digital industry、the structural transformation of the digital economy、the construction of the digital society and the re-distribution of the global value chain due to digital trade. Being the think tank of the nation, this division is dedicated to prospering the expansion of Taiwan’s digital territory.

Positioning and Development

Positioning and development

This division assists the government policy implementation and industry development in the following areas:

  1. Digital Economy Development and Digital Society Construction:
    Building Digital Channel: The Scale-up of the Digital Industry (E-Commerce and Internet Services)
    Expanding Digital Commerce: The Acceleration of Digitalization in the Traditional Service Industry and the Local Distribution System
    Constructing Digital Society: The Digitalization of Community Development and the Social Functionalization of the Internet Commercial Circle
  2. Restructuring of the International Value Chain and the New Business Opportunities in the AIOT Era:
    Responding to the rapid development of digital trade and smart manufacturing, a relocation is called for Taiwan’s critical position in the re-distribution of global value chain. In addition, confronted by the blooming growth of emerging markets and the rise of the internet service industry from mainland China, the service industry of Taiwan needs to explore new models of internationalization in the digital age.
  3. The Digital Transformation of the Industry Driven by Consumer Data and New Business Model:
    In this area we dedicate to developing the application of consumer data to drive digital transformation, to helping the service industry and the manufacturing industry form a joint system of value-added upgrade and to exploring business model innovations brought by combing the internet connectivity and consumer data.

We provide the following consultation services to the private sector:
Building Ecommerce Channels: Strategic Consultation and Practical Utilization of Digital Channels (Ecommerce and Cross-border Ecommerce)
Market Data Clean-up and Business Logic Modeling: The consulting service including the consolidation and cleaning-up of internal and external market data, and the establishment of marketing linkages with constructing business logic algorism
International Market Entry Mode: The research services covering company establishment regulations、investment incentive plans、the related industry supply chain distribution and the competition analysis of the target countries
International Market Access Development: The survey and business-match services of the distribution and value chain in the target country along with business partner search and recommendations with the assistance of business negotiation


Major Projects:
For the Public Sector 

The Project of Further Internationalization of Cross-border Ecommerce

The Project of Ecommerce Promotion

The Internationalization of Ecommerce Platforms: establishing cross-border ecommerce ecosystem in ASEAN markets

The Research Project on Enhancing the Core Competitiveness of the International Trade Industry

The Survey on the International Marketing Channels of Current Industry Clusters

For the Private Sector 

The Project of Exploring the Automobile Electronics Business Opportunities and Alliance Models in Mainland China

Business Diagnosis and Strategic Planning of CPCBio

The Evaluation and Consultation of the Car Sharing Business Model

The Research and Consultation Project of Exploiting Singapore and Malaysia Chinese Market

The Consultation Project of Buynow Retail Transformation

Marketing Project of Major Markets in Europe and America via the Ecosystem Innovation

The Market Expansion Project of Everlight LED Lighting Products to ASEAN markets

The Marketing Project of Everlight LED Products in Emerging Markets of ASEAN and the Middle East

Building Channels and Branding in the US: Electric-powered Tools Integration Marketing Program

Mobiletron North America Channel Expansion and Integration Marketing Program

Smart Electronic Grid Products Marketing Program in Mainland China

Smart Electric Vehicles in European Market Marketing Program

The Launch Project of AVID Brand in US High-end Electric Auxiliary Equipment Market

Brands, services, and channels: three arrows together to expand the U.S. High-end Assistive Device Market

Experience Marketing Project of Exploiting Mainland China and Malaysian Omni-channel Market

Integrated Marketing Project for Seasoning Products, Tea Drinks and Health Supplements

Building Channels of Regional Value Chains: North America (NAFTA) Integrated Marketing Plan

Deepening the High-end Fresh Fruit and Seed Market: India and South Asia Integrated Marketing Plan

The Project of Exploiting the Professional Pet Food of Malaysia and Indonesia Market

The Project of Brand Innovation and Advance Channel Development of Malaysia and Indonesia Pet Food Markets

The Project of Expanding Market in the Middle East and Grand Slavic Region

The Project of Expanding the U.S and Canada with Deepening Grand Slavic Markets

The China Telecom Project Consultation

Let the World See Taiwan via Bubble Tea: Chatime’s Market Expansion Model with Duo Channels

The Research Project of Social Sellers in Vietnam

The Research Project of Social Shopping Communities in Mainland China and Vietnam

The Research Project of Online Shopping Behaviors and Ecommerce Regulations in Vietnam

The Research Project of Online Shopping Behaviors in the Philippines

The Development of Pour-over Coffee Machine and Coffee Industry Big Data Application



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