Marketing and New Media Research Division

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Director General

Tseng, Thomas

Director General Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research Division

Education/Professional Development
M.A. (Cultural Studies), Graduate Institute of National Development, National Taiwan University (1998)

Area of Expertise
Consumer & Retailer Research
Global Marketing Strategy of Emerging Market &Muslin Market
Analysis of Export Promotion Policy

Professional Experience
Business Consultant, Nomura Research Institute Taipei Branch (2008-2010)
Associate Consultant, Nomura Research Institute Taipei Branch (2006-2008)

Additional Experience
Young Leadership Training, Management Acceleration Programme, INSEAD (2009)
International Research Student, Cultural Studies, the University of Tokyo (2004-2005)

Global Marketing & Consulting Department

Josh Kang

Director/Global Marketing & Consulting Department

Education/Professional Development
Ph.D. (College of Mass Communication) National Chengchi University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Area of Expertise
New Media & Digital Marketing
Market Development and Strategic Marketing of The New Southern Market
International Brand Marketing
International Market Research

Professional Experience
Director of Global Marketing & Consulting Department(2021.11 to present)
Project Director of Global Marketing & Consulting Department(2019.05 -2021.10)
Researcher of Marketing and New Media Research Division(2012.09 to present)

Additional Experience
Adjunct Lecturer, College of Mass Communication, National Chengchi University(2009-2012)

2019-2020 Outstanding Dedication to The New Southern Market Development Program, from Customer Satisfaction Survey of Commerce Development Research Institute