Strategic Intelligent Innovation and Service Research Division

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Positioning and Development


We intend to promote partnerships between the research institute and private sectors providing a legal and financial support to enable R&D on projects of common interest in a win-win scenario. This alliance, putting together the best from both sides, can contribute to the fundamental research in AI and to the innovation ecosystem, being very beneficial to the whole society.


We intend to tackle relevant problems for the society with the fundamental support of the private sector. We are committed to openness and inclusiveness, gathering together outstanding researchers in AI in a collaborative and constructive spirit to boldly attack challenging problems with high social and economic impact.


We recognize the challenging ethical issues involved in a society pervaded by AI applications. Algorithms that will, to some degree, affect the citizens’ life must be accountable to those same citizens. The treatment of datasets, and particularly those containing personal data, must always meet the principles of data protection by design and by default.


Director General Hui-Yi Fan/
Senior Project Manager Michelle Ho /