Marketing and New Media Research Division

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CDRI analyzes the consumer behavior through the lifestyle and the key element of development, provides perspective information of the market and strives to become a pioneer in the research of Asian urban lifestyle and consumer behavior.

Positioning and Development

Strong Promoter of the Overseas Enterprises-- Marketing and New Media Research Division

By grasping key drivers and development patterns of life styles, analyzing consumer behavior tendencies and trends to provide perspective information on market opportunities, and striving to become the pioneering research unit for Asian urban lifestyle and consumer behavior.

The main force and services

  • Fundamental research on the layout of consumer market, providing market competition and benchmarking companies analysis, research on urban lifestyles and consumer behaviors, and research on channel structure and expanding strategies to assist enterprises in monitoring the business environment and exploring consumer demand for channel operation.
  • Focus on the consultancy on marketing strategy and market practice, establish a city consumer dynamics detection system to provide advice by perspective insight to enhance the companies’ competitiveness.
  • Counseling corporate international marketing strategies to assist companies in establishing their own brands and expanding overseas channel, and to give service industry the potential force to expand in international markets.

Services of each team

  • Bring together government and other databases to develop business opportunity assessment indicators and establish environmental predication and trend forecasting mechanism.
  • Build an online community as a platform for brands analysis and to monitor consumer feedback on brands/products/services for the understanding of consumers’ reaction to the market.
  • Understand consumer lifestyles and characteristics, establish market segmentation models, and gain better understanding of consumer behavior.
  • Meet the needs of government and private companies, design the research content specifically for each project and provide market consultancy.


Government Project

Bureau of Foreign Trade
High-Quality, Parity Emerging Market Promotion Program –
An In-depth Survey of Consumer Demand in Emerging Markets

Bureau of Foreign Trade
Improving the Scale of the Trade Industry –
An Investigation of the Current Patterns of International Marketing Channels in Industrial Cluster

Department of Commerce, MOEA
Constructs the Marketing Strategy of Food and Beverage Enterprises in Mainland China with Taiwan's Advantages

Department of Commerce, MOEA
Survey of People's Livelihood Issues

Department of Commerce, MOEA
Commerce Service Industry Internationalize Management and Development Program

Taipei City Office of Commerce
2013 Taipei Special Industry Promotion Program

Pingtung County Government
“Live of Hygge in Forest with Delicacy” - Creative Marketing and the Expansion of Market

Civil Project
  1. Trade Services Industry Promotion Program
  2. Technical Department High-quality and Parity Industry Specialization (Taiyen, Cashido Corporation)
  3. CPC Channel Performance Improvement Strategy Guidance Program
  4. Refined Service of CPC Gas Station Quantification Indication Case
  5. Research and Analysis on the Performance of Real Estate Funding Program
  6. Analysis and Suggestions on Domestic and Overseas Shopping Festivals and Consumer Behavior
  7. Research on Internationalization of medical services in Taiwan
  8. International Marketing Program
     (Eminent、Genius、Vedan、KNOWN-YOU SEED CO., 、Cashido Corporation、NutriMate、ANTUNG TRADING)
  9. Research on the Potential Analysis of Emerging Market
  10. Indonesia and Vietnam Channel Deployment Cooperation Program
  11. 2013 Investigation on the Market of Agricultural Products in Erlin District, Changhua County
  12. Establishment of Taiwan Purple Cane Tea Chain Restaurant Business Development Evaluation Plan - Consumer Survey


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