Business Model Innovation Research Division

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CDRI assists the service industry in the introduction and establishment of innovative business models through visits, diagnostics, and counseling, and is committed to becoming the leading brand of business model innovation in Asia-Pacific.

Positioning and development


Business Model Innovation Research Division provide its service to potential Taiwanese industries and focus on retail, fashion, health care, catering and logistic etc. Enhance the information of oversea emerging market and provide analysis on consumer behavior and lifestyle to companies to assist in the understanding of local business conditions. By research on the proliferation of the service industry in both domestic and oversea market, studying the successful operation model to assist companies on applying innovative business models that are suitable for their expansion in overseas. Integrate the strengths of upstream and downstream manufacturers to form an international network effectively, promote empirical research on overseas sites, adjust overseas operating models and service processes, and help improve the quality of international service and management capabilities of to create new job opportunities for our service industry.

Service of Each Team
  1. Research: retail, fashion, health care, catering and logistics industries.
  2. Services: Analysis of industry trends, marketing strategies, innovative business models, channel construction and branding strategies, development of internationalization strategies.


  1. Issued 21 publications, such as the “Innovation, R&D, and Internationalization Survey of Wholesale and Retail Industry”, which systematically dealt with the successful innovation of business models and provide suggestion on innovative models with the evaluation in order to improve the probability of successful innovation.
  2. Held 90 seminars and other related activities. Analyzing the trend of the internationalization of the service industry and the business model of standard cases. Create the opportunities for information exchanging of industries and related technology research units through seminars and other activities, accelerating the integration of different fields.
  3. Provided consultancy service to EBC, TJ Group, Share Hope, Harvard, SGD (Chien-yen Shabu shabu), Eat together, Merry, etc., help them on marketing strategy, business model innovation, international development strategy and other services. Through the aforesaid consultancy services, we assisted companies in introducing innovative ideas and contributed to their direct or indirect investment in international-related innovation services. The amount of investment was over $450 million NTD, and the new business services derived from the investment was over $900 million NTD, which can help us to avoid the meagre profit competition and increase the added value of the industry.
  4. Published 57 articles and 11 interviews by medias such as Money udn, China Times, Commonwealth Magazine, Business Weekly and other medias. Through the exposures, we have increased the visibility of the institute and our influence on our society and economy.
  5. Build the first website-based database for the internationalization of service industry - Service Industry Internationalization Server (SIIS). This database has been officially launched on July 1st 2012. There were 104,019 visits till December 31st 2013 with 1,370 free members, 31 paid members, and 60 enterprises using the database. Through this platform, internal knowledge sharing and research support can be provided for more immediate and convenient online services. This will enable the industry to receive information of investment environment and business opportunities faster and easier, and help the industry form an international expansion strategy and strengthen their services and competitiveness.

TDP 科專計畫

" Internationalization Knowledge Energy Integration and Construction Plan for Services Industry ".
" Construction of Consumer Experience Service Blueprint Platform and Verification Project for Service Technology ".


Vice President  Mr. Wang, Champion /