Halal Research, Coaching, Development Center

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Positioning and Development

Business Information

To be Acquainted with the Halal Market by the Services of our Specialist, Finding Business Opportunities

  • Membership Application: Consultancy service with a” Get to know the Halal Market “manual.
  • Dynamic Business Info: Taiwan Halal Blog,FB,Video
  • Membership Activity: Taiwan Halal Seminar
  • Project Entrustment: Local Halal Markets Surveys (consumers, channels and buyers)


Domestic and Oversea Muslim Experts to Strengthen Corporate Capabilities in Halal Standard

  • Information and Consulting Service on Halal Certification Application in Different Countries(Halal Certification by Country, Halal Consulting)
  • Professional training courses: Halal Competence Workshop and Halal Strategic Advisory
  • Project entrustment: Corporate Internal Training Courses (Halal capacity, Halal business opportunities)


Promoting Two-ways Business Communication and Creating Taiwanese Halal Brand

  • Bilateral Cooperation:Halal Industry Supply Chain Cooperation
  • Branding Activity:Domestic and Oversea Halal Exhibitions,” Taiwan Halal Festival”
  • Business Survey Team: Halal Market Opportunity Research Team(Business Matching)
  • Project Entrustment: Consultation on Halal Market Development in Different Countries