Sports and Health Intelligent Service Research Division

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Director General Tsai-Ya (Rose) Lai

Director General Sports and Health Intelligent Service Research Division

Education/Professional Development
Columbia University, School of Nursing, Ph.D.
Columbia University, School of Public Health, M.PH.
National Taiwan University, Department of Nursing, B.S.

Area of Expertise
consumer health informatics、innovative application planning and deployment、market potential assessment methodology、innovation investment strategy、research and innovation management、international collaboration

Professional Experience
Director General, R&D and IT Division, TriHealth Enterprise (2022.10-2023.09)
Director General, Product Management Division, An-Hui Information Technology Co., Ltd. (2022.02-2022.05)
Project Director/Principal Administrator, Vice President & General Director Office, Biomedical Technology and Devices Research Laboratories, ITRI (2018.07-2022.02)
Director, International Affairs Division, Biomedical Development Board of Taiwan (2018.07-2019.06)
Project Director/Principal Administrator Director General Office, Service Systems Technology Center, ITRI (2016.11-2018.06)
Managing Director, Stichting Eindhoven – High Tech Campus Office, ITRI, NL Business Director, ITRI Western Europe Office, ITRI, DE (2015.08-2016.10)
Deputy Director, Health Services Division, Service System Technology Center, ITRI (2010.02-2015.07)
Engineering Manager, Strategy Business Division, Information and Communication Laboratories, ITRI (2007.07-2010.01)
Engineer, Communication System Division, ICL, ITRI (2007.07-2009.06)
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Nursing, Columbia University, USA (2006.07-2007.06)
Lecturer, Dept. of Nursing, Yuan Pei Institute of Science and Technology (2000.08-2002.07)
Clinician, Mount Carmel Guild Behavioral Healthcare System, NJ, USA (1999.01-1999.12)
Senior Casemanager, YMCA, Family Support Program, NY, USA (1998.06-1998.12)

Other Experience
Review Board, Competitive Grant of Higher Education Institutions, Ministry of Education (2022.01~2023.12)
Confidential Information Protection Committee, BDL, ITRI (2021.01-2022.02)
Evaluation Committee, 2021 Taiwan Healthy City and Aging Friendly Innovation Award, Health Promotion Administration, Ministry f Health and Welfare (2021.05-2021.11)
Advisor, Research Center for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Chinese Medical University (2014.08-2021.07)
Advisor, Division of Medical Research, Chinese Medical University Hospital Advisor, Horizon 2020 (2014.08-2020.07)
Patent Application Judging Panel, SSTC & BDL, ITRI (2017.01-2022.02)
Agile CoCreation of Robots for Aging (ACCURA, project number 738251) (2016.10-2019.12)
Review Committee, Applied Market Development Grant Application, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2013.01-2013.12)
Advisor, Healthy Living Care Services Project, Taipei City Health Bureau (2012.01-2013.12)

1.Quality Paradigm, Technology Development Project, MoHW, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2019(PI)
2.Quality Paradigm, Project Management, ITRI, 2009, 2010(PI)
3.Outstanding Research Paper Award, Conference of Gerontecnology and Service Management, 2016
4.Delegate of Chinese Taipei, Annual APEC e-Health Seminar-3rd APEC eHealth Technical Forum, APEC, Korea.