Commerce Development and Strategy Research Division

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To improve the development of service industry, CDRI is committed to explore the opportunities and challenges for Taiwanese companies both domestically and oversea, and making relevant policy recommendations.
Currently, it maintains close cooperative relations with domestic research and promotion agencies, and has frequent contacts with domestic public associations in the wholesale, retail, catering, and logistics industries, and gradually develops exchanging and cooperative relationships with international service industry research institutes and business associations.

Positioning and Development

  • Research development for industry and policy.
  • Build service industry database and statistical indicators.
  • Improve the needed policy for better business quality and emerging industries
  • Assessing the positive and negative effects of policies on society

There are four aspects of business in the division, namely, "The Legal System of Business Services," "Industrial Information Services," "Local Economy Formation," and "International Development of Business Services Industry." The following summarizes the meaning of each business:

  1. The legal system of business services: Based on the improvement of the business environment and the optimization of the innovation environment, we will study the legal system and provide policy recommendations. The main research scope includes industrial innovation regulations, company law, corporate M&A law, business registration law, product labeling law, fair trade law and franchising related regulations and other economic laws and regulations.
  2. Industrial Information Services: The business content is mainly based on industrial information, the release of economic information, and the establishment of industrial database. The purpose is to provide reference to companies and to push the development upgrading of service industry.
  3. Local economy formation: This business content is base on the perspective of urban and local economic development, and activities that drive local industries and commerce districts, examine the current economic situation and problems in Taiwan, and proposes relevant countermeasures, in order to activate local business and boost the development of the industry.
  4. International development of the business services industry: Through the analysis of trade organizations and agreements, we provide advices on policies to domestic corporations, so as to achieve the goal of “improving the capabilities of service providers, expanding the scale of operations, and enhancing the productivity of the service industry.” The overall goal is to pave the way for the internationalization of our service industry.


  •  Legal system of commerce services industry:
  1. Commerce Services Industry Legal System: Completion of 9 research reports, including "Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Industry Integration in Service Industry" and "Analysis of Internationalized Policy Mechanisms," "Transnational Alliances," "Commercial Innovation Demonstration Zone," and "Commercial Service Industry Law" , "Company Law Research", “Franchise Contract Template", "Business Services Legal Regulation Platform" etc.
  2. Proposed 20 legal policy proposals, including “Company Law Inventory Adjustment”, “M&A Law Practice”, “10-forms Franchise Contract Template”, “Commercial Innovation Demonstration Zone”, and “Industrial Promotion and Development Legal System Plan (Catering Industry) "The draft amendments to the regulations of closed company", "Subsidiary laws of closed company regulations," "Limited partnership methods," "Ministry of Economic Affairs identifies the operating points of SME operating in the business service industry in research and development activities," "Trade Liberalization Industry Adjustment Support Program Damage Identification Standard", "Director Remuneration and Shareholder Consultation Voting", "Management Right and Shareholder's Voting Rights Contract", "Multiple Voting Rights Shares", "Commercial Judgment Rules", "Company Law No. 27 ", " "Limited Company," "Unlimited Company and Joint Venture," "Closed Company System," "SME Investment Deduction Ordinance," and "Business Services Industry Research and Development Activities, Opinions, and Related Forms," etc.
  3. Completion of analysis of four kinds of service industry innovation operation modes, 27 cross-national alliances and innovation benchmark cases, and 25 corporate cases of catering industry innovation and franchise contract.
  • Industry Information Service:
  1. Completion of 7 research reports, including "Research on innovative R&D institutions to assist the development of domestic business services industry", "Study on new service providers," "Domestic business service industry leading indicators and database construction," and "Business climate indicators”, "Science and Technology Survey of Business Services," "Trend Analysis Report on Structural Changes in the Consumer Market," and "Report on Causes of Price Changes in Major Commodities."
  2. Publishes one of the four industry analysis reports for wholesale, retail, catering, and logistics each year, completes 8 climate survey questionnaires and analysis reports, and 15 domestic and international science and technology cases, extracts the results in a special format.
  3. The Yearbook Editorial Committee was established. To publish the Yearbook of Business Services. A total of 7 volumes till 2016.
  4. Release the analysis report on economy and commerce service industry indicator every month. Business press conferences are held on a regular basis.
  5. The establishment of the "Commerce Innovation Intelligence Service" (CIIS) to provide information on industrial movements, key news, policies, and activities, and sending weekly e-newsletters published on the site.
  • Local Economy Formation
  1. Completion of 7 research reports, including "Urban Economic Development and Business Innovation", "Local International Events", "Five Cities Business Development Promotion Strategy", "Activity-Driven Business Circle", "Business Highlights", "Improvement on Quality of Service", "Investigation of SME Technology in Wholesale and Retail Trade" etc.
  2. Proposed measures to stimulate consumption and boost economic business.
  3. Released a report on the development trend of the emerging service industry to help the emerging service industry to develop smoothly, and the government can establish an environment suitable for industrial development.
  4. Completed report on 2030 pre-planning for the development of the business services industry - energy-saving and carbon reduction. To set the reduction goals of different industries, and to estimate the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and the expected amount of reduction.
  • International Development of Business Services Industry
  1. Completed nine research reports on the internationalization of the service industry, including "Franchise Expansion in Southeast Asian Markets", "Expanding the China Mainland Market", "Setting up a Functional Headquarters in Taiwan," "International Talent Cultivation," and "Taiwan Superiority Elements”, "Strategies and Measures for Open Service Trade ".
  2. Completion of the competition strategy and entry mode of chain restaurant industry to enter Indonesia and Malaysian markets, analysis of 24 international companies or expansion of business models in mainland China, and 17 sectors of the business department which will be affected by the trade agreement signed by China and Taiwan and the analysis on future opening strategy.
  3. Completion of 1 advantage element manual, 1 strategic manual and three courses of franchise industry to expand into the third and fourth-tier cities in China.
  4. Completion of 17 business service industry data sheets and online search functions in the regional negotiations. Four industrial markets opening affect checking function (beauty salons, laundry dyeing, advertising, and catering) to provide important information immediately. The impact of market opening to our business services industry to develop a feasible strategy for future negotiations which may help our future trade negotiations in commerce service industry.
  5. Investigate the status quo of the development and operation of 11 service industries in Taiwan’s commerce service industry. Produced market opening impact and observation report, and the report on the impact of trade agreements on commerce service industry. It may us to have better vision on the trend of trade negotiations in commerce service industry in order to facilitate the development of possible strategies for future negotiations.
  6. Established a communication platform for Taiwanese and Japanese commerce service Industry, to provide our government advices through long-term and regular meetings.
  7. Complete the database of planning service trade statistics.
  8. 20 professional seminars were held to discuss relevant topics.
  • Benchmarking the establishment of commerce service industry function:
  1. Completion of the functional standards of the “Comprehensive Retail Store Manager”, “Comprehensive Retail Store Manager” and “Comprehensive Retail Products Purchasing Personnel”.
  2. Complete the curriculum blueprint based on the functional benchmarks of “Comprehensive Retail Store Manager”, “Comprehensive Retail Store Manager” and “Comprehensive Retail Products Purchasing Staff” to cultivate talents in domestic retail industry.
  3. Complete a research report on labor issues (working hours, vacations, payroll, etc.) for the development of industrial counseling and management.


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