Strategic Intelligent Innovation and Service Research Division

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Director General

Fan, Hui-Yi
Director General

Education/Professional Development
Ph.D., Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
Area of Expertise
Service industry strategy planning, statistical analysis, forecasting model establishment, market positioning, consumer observation, and market research
Professional Experience
Deputy Director General, Business Model Innovation Research Division, CDRI (2021.01-2021.04)
Researcher, Business Model Innovation Research Division, CDRI (2010-2021)
Collaborative Project Director, Technology Application Drive Service Industry Innovation R&D Project (2018)
Collaborative Project Director, Service industry international operation mode innovation research and development and application plan  (2015-2017)
Collaborative Project Director, Service industry internationalization knowledge integration and construction plan (2014)
Worked with IBM's senior consultant team to develop market positioning tools
Worked with Microsoft A Zure technical expert group to develop an international cloud platform
Worked with Google GIS technology team to develop international decision support tools
Coached well-known health practitioners to assess the potential and feasibility to enter Kuala Lumpur market
Coached well-known chain catering company to develop the strategy to enter the Southeast Asian market
Product Service Market Forecast and Marketing Strategy Analysis: Potential Market Evaluation of Food Service and Estimation of Output Value