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    CDRI South Taiwan Branch in Promote Muslim Tourism Business Opportunities

    To apply the latest government policy – New Southbound Policy, and extended to the development of Southeast Asia tourism market. That, the Muslim tourism industry located in south has huge population - there are more than 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world with almost 200 countries have Muslims and mosques, from their dietary to hidden tourism potential, with over 60% of the Muslims in Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. 

    According to the latest estimates of the Global Islamic Economic Report (GIER), the market size of Halal diets and all other types of commodity services measured by 2019, the annual growth rate of the Muslim economy, reach nearly 11% of growth rate yearly, reaching 3.7 Trillion US dollars; CDRI Vice President Hwang-Jen Chang pointed out that the South Branch invited the Taipei Grand Mosque Foundation of Halal Certification Executive Committee Member Ma to promote the Muslim culture in Taiwan tourism. In which, catering industry should pay attention to the details of the service, and understand the real meaning of Muslim meal and beverage. For travel industry in Kaohsiung, there are only five tourist hotels with Halal certification, there are still a lot of hotels to promote and improve - more Halal certified hotels will bring greater tourism Southeast Asia opportunities to Taiwan.  

    Executive Member Ma further shared Muslim tourism information - kitchen utensils and cutlery (exclusive Halal kitchen), everything required to obtain Halal certification and follow Halal procedures. The hotels should clearly point out the direction for worship and placement of Quran, etc., through friendly Muslim tourist environment to increase Muslim travelers to Taiwan.