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    Japan MD to Taiwan Transform Traditional Industry

    Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI), in order to strengthen Taiwanese brands on manufacturing technology and to develop higher value-added goods that can be accepted by general public and global markets. On 13th, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) visited CDRI, a press conference of "Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" was held onsite. This May, Chairman Hsu has personally visited NRI. And this time, their high-level Director Murata also personally attended this MOU signing across from Japan, showing how much they value our future collaboration, as well as in exchange of experiences and goods, enterprise advisory visits and in promote Taiwan's goods globally. 

    CDRI pointed out that Taiwanese enterprises do have the top manufacturing technology, but targeting the overseas demand and marketing still need to be strengthened. Therefore, in order to assist traditional manufacturers, could base on consumer and market demands, to conduct improvement and innovation, and in support their marketing and sales activities, so that traditional manufacturers can successfully transition to have their own brands, and thus the role "Merchandiser" (referred to as MD) is expected to transform traditional manufacturing, and as well as successfully conduct their transition into globalization.  

    Furthermore, CDRI has made the effort to expand the awareness of Taiwanese enterprises in the transformation in goods and promote them to global markets - is expected to conduct different theme of workshops in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan, having Japanese experienced merchandiser to give lessons passing on their success and experience: 25th to 26th of October in Taichung, 6th to 7th of November in Taipei, 9th to 10th of November in Tainan, focus on traditional craft manufacturers (Taichung), daily necessities manufacturers (Taipei) and catering theme manufacturers (Tainan) lessons. In addition, CDRI also plans to arrange these Japanese merchandisers to visit local enterprises to conduct one-on-one consultation, hoping that through an individual specialized exchange, could lead Taiwanese enterprises the key to their own global successful brands.