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    2017 TAIWAN DAY Taiwan – Malaysia Internet & E-Commerce Summit

    Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) and Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) both co-worked with the Selangor Information Technology & Ecommerce Council (SITEC) on 8th together organized the 2017 Taiwan Day at Setia City Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur. During the summit, we have announced a memorandum of understanding to be signed with SITEC to further collaboration. At the same time, a number of Taiwan E-Commerce providers such as Uitox, TeBuy Global and ALLYOUNG Beauty & Health, have also signed the memorandum of understandings with several Malaysian industries, hence to implant new strength into the collaboration between Taiwan and Malaysia. 

    Deputy Director of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Chen said that our trade and economic relations between Malaysia and Taiwan has always been close. The participants in the forum and media event are the best E-Commerce and Internet service providers in Taiwan. Through this event, we hope to strengthen the knowledge of Taiwanese E-Commerce among Malaysian public. 

    President of CDRI, Mr. Hsieh said will continue to follow the government's New Southbound Policy, and partner with SITEC to lead Taiwanese industry to ASEAN and guide more enterprises to cross-border cooperation through the innovative economic model. Furthermore, in continuation to lead Taiwan industries to ASEAN in apply with current New Southbound Policy to guide Taiwan enterprises to innovate their economic model to achieve win-win business structure in transnational cooperation. 

    Combining with international importer & exporter, new E-Commerce businesses, retailers and agents all over the world that TeBuy announce to work with MeiiShop Berhad, Meii Global Berhad and WoonMei Multimedia Sdn Bhd under Malaysia’s famous enterprise WoonMei. Through the opening of Taiwan branch, the marketing operations and the cross-border shopping network, will combine with social media, webcasts with many form of media live operations, maintain product temperature as creative additional value, and jointly create a new channel for new retailers.  

    In addition, ALLYOUNG Beauty & Health integrated products, articles, and professional advices that also announced that they will soon be in cooperation with Watson E-Commerce platform in Malaysia in addition to Watson's online shopping platform, can also find goods in brand like "VICHY", two brands will also be planning marketing activities to meet the needs to provide quality products and services to Malaysian consumers.