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    CDRI Youngest Lecturer & World Weightlifting Medalist Hsing-Chun Kuo

    Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) held theme lecture - "My Gold Medal Road" on 21st, inviting the gold medalist from the 29th Summer Universiade Hsing-Chun Kuo to share her experience, and this lecture has attracted more than 20 industries and over 60 participants.

     In the past, Hsing-Chun’s lectures were mainly for students, this was her first time not for school, but she still hoping to help others through her experience; in fact, her beginning career was not weightlifting but track and field, even wrestling. It's never bored when track and field training, but weightlifting has been a solo act, she felt very lonely at times, but one competition changed everything – a baton was dropped during a group rely race, leading to a lost race and sad group. Next day, unexpectedly, Hsing-Chun won a gold medal from a completely different sport - weightlifting.

     Looking back, her career before 2013 was going smoothly, but a severe injury happened in 2014, thankfully, there’s no injuries on knees, only 70% muscles torn. Flashback through the hardship during the recovery, Hsing-Chun couldn’t help and chocked up, finally, she learnt to face her setback and adjusted her thinking, making her believe that everything happens for the best.

     Among the interview between Hsing-Chun with our vice president Chang, Hsing-Chun talked about the mental preparation and planning as an athlete, further the importance of giving back the society as a way of self-learning. That everyone has its own gifts and the importance of stay positive in tough times - experiences is everyting, always moving towards the goal, and brave to dream! Lastly, we hope everyone can provide our Taiwanese athletes more resources and attentions, so that the world can see the power and radiant side of Taiwan through sports.