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    Commerce Development Research Institute ╳ National Taipei University of Business

    Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI), held a signing of "Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)" with the National Taipei University of Business (NTUB) by the President of CDRI, Dr. Lung-Fa Hsieh and President of NTUB, Dr. Ruay-Shiung Chang, and witnessed together by Director General May Lee from Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI. The two sides will conduct joint research on government-related new southbound policy together with other issues and market research, for the participation of the project and the joint research results will also be shared with each other. 

    Chairman Hsu of CDRI, stated that in fact, the two sides have been in close cooperation before signing the MOU, he was honored to be invited to participate an event hosted by NTUB called "2017 Forum on Service Science Research”, due to domestic business talent cultivating, policy promotion and technological innovation are extremely important. Taiwan service industry after year of 2000 has slowdown, in the global market, without a creative business model means behind. CDRI plays the role of integrated platform to absorb all resources of innovation and progress to provide to the industry to be applied, this time with NTUB, directly from the cultivation of talent is a total solution, our future economic is the key that business to lead the manufacturing industry, the pursuit of new economic development strategy and business model. Chairman Hsu also reminded that everyone should actively mobilize the industry to develop "circular economy" and "sharing economy" to be able to follow the economic and industrial revolution.  

    President Hsieh of CDRI, further stated that President Chang of NTUB, has personally visited our institute earlier. Both sides had exchanged views on the current situation of commercial development in Taiwan and discussed the cooperation of business professionals and reached the agreement - NTUB will join CDRI, get the latest information of business industry, this hope that through the signing of the MOU after the strategic alliance to start a more active industry-academia cooperation in the future, have a deeper level of cooperation, more effective solution to Taiwan's current business problem and dilemma, in order to elevate our national business development.