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    Southeast Asia Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum

    On 16th Nov., Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs held "2017 Southeast Asia Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum" at the NTUH International Convention Center.  E-Commerce government officials and public associations from Southeast Asian countries includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines were invited to Taiwan to participate this forum and share information on Southeast Asia's E-Commerce market policies and other information to promote bilateral exchange in E-Commerce industry, so that Taiwan's E-Commerce business enterprises can have more understanding on Southeast Asia's E-Commerce market with the latest development potential and business opportunities to enhance the global perspective and competitiveness of our E-Commerce market. 

    Since the introduction of the "New Southbound Policy" has been over a year, many outstanding Taiwanese E-Commerce enterprises have successfully channeled their markets in Southeast Asian countries. For example, PChome established the C2C auction platform PChome Thai in Thailand, momo established TVD momo also in Thailand, uitox has satisfactory results in establishing E-Commerce platforms both in Singapore & Malaysia, and Mamibuy setting up  E-Commerce platform in Indonesia. Now is the right time for Taiwan's E-Commerce enterprises to advance  in Southeast Asian market. 

    As of today in 2017, there have been six joint marketing campaigns held in ASEAN countries under the guidance of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs - assisted one platform vendor in operation, six Taiwanese E-commerce platforms have been set up in overseas, assisted Taiwanese manufacturers to launch more than 300 Taiwanese brands with 80,000 products overseas. This impressive result proves the high potential and opportunity in Southeast Asia's E-Commerce market.

     At "2017 Southeast Asia Cross-Border E-commerce Forum", not only domestic E-Commerce enterprises participated, but also Southeast Asian E-Commerce government officials and public associations were invited, through the sharing of first-handed market intelligence, the latest policy and the future direction of development, and all the policies of Southeast Asian countries, market environment and consumer trends, we may grasp the opportunities and the key to success!