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    CDRI and Tunghai University signing a Memorandum of Understanding for industry transformation and stronger competency

    Commerce Development Research Institute (hereafter referred to as CDRI) has been devoted to academic research for a long time, today (12th Mar) it will sign an MOU with Tunghai University. Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI and president of Tunghai University Dr. Mao-Jiun Wang will sign together and witnessed by Yi-Ping Chu, the Economic Deputy Counselor of Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    The scope of the collaboration includes the innovation of industry environment, talent cultivation, blockchain of elderly industry, new model of virtual currency transaction, combining the core blockchain technology from central and local government of Taichung City. Together they will work on the cultivation of talents for industry development and to meet the needs of successors for business in central Taiwan.

     Chairman Hsu of CDRI said that with the unveiled of CDRI Central Preparatory Office on 30th Nov. last year, with vice president Hwang-Jen Chang as the director, now there are three CDRI offices spread out from the north to the south of Taiwan. The offices have specialized their researches and provide localized services, globalizing industries base on the features of regional industry ecology, equalize regional development and expedite economy digitalization. This will intensify the growing, resourcefulness, productivity and international competency and ameliorate low-income, high unemployment rate and recession caused by aging and low fertility.