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    A new step of the new Southbound policy - CDRI signs MOU with NU, Indonesia

    Chairman of CDRI Tain-Tsair Hsu visits Jakarta with researchers from CDRI, meet Dr. KH. Said, the General Chairman of NU, the world’s biggest Muslim community. The subject of the meeting is about how to cooperate on economic affairs and related research. After the meeting, Dr. Eman, the Chairman of Economy of NU, and Dr. Hanief, the Chairman of Education of NU, signed an MOU with Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu.

    The General Chairman of NU Dr. KH. Said Aqil Siroj greets Chairman Tain-Tsai Hsu in his office and discuss on poverty alleviation for the members of NU, and to let people help and know more about NU as an independent religious community which pursue the peace and happiness of humankind. The general Chairman then assigned Dr. Eman, the Chairman of economy and Dr. Hanief, the Chairman of Education to be in charge on the cooperation with CDRI and requested for instant action.

    Chairman Hsu of CDRI met consultant Mr. Kuo a month ago and talked about how much effort NU has been made to work with Taiwan for Indonesia’s economic and trading development and was hoping that CDRI can bring up an effective proposal.
    Chairman Hsu and President Hsieh gathered the expert in the institute and worked on their plan for poverty alleviation according to their view from different professions. Chairman Hsu personally guided the team and participated in the project proposing and finally came up with five plans for the poverty alleviation program. Meanwhile, NU was working out the meeting plan for CDRI’s visiting on 21st to 24th May. After days of meetings and discussion, NU decided to sign an MOU earlier than planned. Except for the agreements made on the five plans, the General Chairman of NU invited Chairman Hsu to have a meeting in his office.

    Chairman Hsu of CDRI explained, while facing the trend of global digital economy transformation in the new era of world economy VUCA, Taiwan and Indonesia should improve Indonesia’s poverty and unemployment in rural area by the latest industrial commerce digital technology and innovative commercial strategy and model. CDRI is determined on the cooperation with NU to build up a new global Muslim market and to share mutual benefits. Dr. Eman the Chairman of economy requested both sides to take the actions fast after signing the MOU. Dr. Hanief the Chairman of Education also thanked CDRI on their effort for the program, hoping that the program will actually improve Indonesia’s economy.

    “Let’s make new and right things fast.” Chairman Hsu appealed. Listing our capability on technology, capital and talent in Taiwan and said that Indonesia is the best partner to build a new, big market with.

    NU also invited their most important members to join the meetings on the program, including Dr. Ali, the consultant of economic research and higher education in the office of the President; and other high officials from the government, also the rector of Shaid University and the director of international affairs of Djuana University.

    Dr. Eman the Chairman of Economy of NU (middle), Dr.Hanief the Chairman of Education of NU (first from the right), signed an MOU with Chairman Hsu of CDRI (second from the right)

    The General Chairman of NU (middle) meets  Chairman Hsu of CDRI (fourth from the right), the first from the left is Dr.Hanief the Chairman of Education of NU, the second is Director General Dr. Huang from CDRI; the first from the righht is Dr. Eman the Chairman of Economy of NU, the second is consultant of NU, Mr. Kuo