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    International Promotion Forum encouraging cross-border cooperation in healthcare industry

     Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA is committed to the promotion of “Health Management”, “Healthy Diet”, “Exercising”, and “Mental Health”, healthcare promotion is a main subject for the development of future Taiwan, it is also a global emerging industry.  International Forum for Health Promotion Industry was held today by CDRI and guided by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, people in this industry have been invited from Singapore and Taiwan this morning, with the expectation for future cooperation.

      According to CDRI, WKHM, Stipendiary Taiwan and Light Fitness Taiwan have signed an MOU with Singaporean companies Vault Dragon and Golden Gate Ventures. Vault Dragon is the largest private medical database company in Singapore and has an electronic medical record database technology. Golden Gate Ventures is a private equity venture capital representative, which has rich resources in Southeast Asian market, and is committed to promote a new campaign for health self-management. Through the signing of the MOU by three industries, they will share each other's advantages, and stimulate  the cooperation of domestic entrepreneurs and Southeast Asian companies to jointly develop innovative business models to help accelerate the development of international health promotion services market. Below is the overview of their cooperation:
    1. Stipendiary Taiwan and Vault Dragon:
    Stipendiary Taiwan will integrate the ICT technology to provide smart home care/smart services and build an IOT and big data field for care practice; cooperation between both parties is expected to be integrated with smart cloud and expand smart care for big data/hardware. Services will be customized in order to provide complete smart care services.
    2. Light Fitness Taiwan and Golden Gate Ventures:
    Light Fitness Taiwan is the largest high-end chain gym in Taiwan which provide fitness service for women with diverse fitness courses. Combining the expertise of Health Tech's application and fitness services, they can provide services with higher quality in Southeast Asia and to expand the fitness market.
    3. WKHM and Vault Dragon:
    WKHM focuses on the health management services and the development of Chinese medical products, it is a well-known brand of health management; Vault Dragon connects the resources of hospitals and the demands of the people, established a transparent health management platform, and integrates smart cloud to allow patients and doctors to have a direct way for communication. These two companies will plan to integrate services and products for the Southeast Asian market and make up for the demand gap.

      The domestic health promotion service industry is flourishing, and the entire industry chain is formed by responding to the needs of the people. Different suppliers are integrating and developing related solutions for health products and services, facility supply, and business management. More and more diverse types of service providers have joined to form a rich service system, and through the promotion and diffusion of service models from high-quality brands, with this forum, companies will effectively promote cross-border business opportunities and cooperation. CDRI will continue promoting this project and develop innovative service models, to assist suppliers to detect business opportunities for cooperation, and expand the health promotion service industry market.

    2018 International Forum for Health Promotion Industry was held today, Singaporean and domestc suppliers are invited

    International Forum for Health Promotion Industry was held for the opportunities of international cooperation and to create innovatice service models