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    Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI received warm responses for the speech at BICAS in Indonesia

      Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI was invited to attend the second " Bogor International Conference on Applied Science" (The 2nd BICAS 2018) in Indonesia on 25th -26th September last week. In the meeting, Chairman Hsu explained: "Why can Taiwan become a good partner on the development of halal market?" Proposing the "Four Strategies" and "Three-phase Project" to work together with the ASEAN countries to build a global halal ecosystem, which was recognised by the experts in the meeting and was invited to attend the meeting next year by the principal of Djuanda University. Also, chairman Hsu also expressed his concern on the disaster caused by the strong earthquake in Indonesia.

      The 2nd BICAS 2018 provides an invaluable opportunity to understand the current state of the world's halal industry and market development and the problems it faces. The invited speakers are scholars and experts from the halal social sciences and natural sciences in Europe and Southeast Asia and some responsible for halal specialised research institutions or research centres in universities.

      Chairman Hsu said: "The speech contains a total of 38 charts and more than 6,400 words. I provided a framework and led ten young research elites to collect information, analyse and compile. Then I wrote the manuscript in English and asked for advice from English experts for modification."

      Chairman Hsu of CDRI introduced the successful experience of Taiwan's economic development at the beginning of the speech and emphasized the use of digital new technology and smart business model to construct the global halal market value chain and ecosystem, take Taiwan as a partner, and then develop a strategy. After discussing the three-phase implementation plan, after a 35-minute speech, Dr. Osamh Mohammed Al-Shuibi, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, and Dr. Ismail Lutfi Japakiya, President of Fatoni Islamic University of Thailand, also welcomed chairman Hsu and praised his speech.  Dr. Daniel Ruiz de Garibay, the organizer of "World Rural Forum Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific Department " from Spain, who is a visiting professor at the University of Indonesia, also friended chairman Hsu on Whatsapp and is looking forward to furthering cooperation with CDRI.

      During the Q&A, representatives from different fields were amazed at the fact that CDRI from Taiwan had such a macro vision on the research and development of halal. Chairman Hsu further pointed out that through the participation in such a large-scale regional cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural thematic international forum makes him understand that emerging countries are eagerly and carefully balancing economic development and protecting their cultures at the same time. The international vision and professions of CDRI have undoubtedly been affirmed and valued because of its appearance on the international stage again and again. It is also expected that CDRI will actively cooperate with the ASEAN countries to jointly create a prosperous halal market in the future.

     Principal of Djuanda University(left) invited chairman Hsu (right) to the 2nd BICAS forum

    Chairman Hsu attended the 2nd BICAS forum

    Dr. Osamh Mohammed Al-Shuibi, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Indonesia welcomed chairman Hsu

    Around 200 people attended the 2nd BICAS forum