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    Indonesian delegation of Padjajran visited CDRI

      The delegation of the Kingdom of Padjajran, headed by King Jajat M. Notoprayugo, was invited by Chairman of CDRI, Tain-Tsair Hsu, and arrived on 7th October. The delegation includes the president of PT. GLOBAL INVESTASINDO INDONESIA, a global Investment group. Expectations on the future investment of Taiwanese SMEs in Indonesia were discussed in the meeting.

      Mr. Jajat M. Notoprayugo said that they are expecting an investment of around USD 10 billion into Indonesia, including the development of the Banten Province. Mr. Jajat M. Notoprayugo further explained that the future investment of Taiwanese SMEs to Indonesia might cover all areas of tourism and culture, as well as plans to rebuild the local cultural symbols of Banten Palace and Padjajaran Palace, promoting the local tourism industry and committing to cultural cooperation. Also, other areas such as mining and energy will be invested; Jajat M. Notoprayugo emphasized that the cooperation will comply to the local Indonesian laws and to create a business environment that is beneficial to local people. The group will also be the best coordinator between the Indonesian government and foreign investment groups, providing a safe, comfortable and convenient investment environment and also legal services.

      Mr. Jajat M. Notoprayugo pointed out that after reporting to the president of  Indonesian, it is hoped that CDRI, led by Chairman Hsu, can serve as a communicator between Taiwanese investors and the group to ensure the safety of Taiwanese SMEs and the efficiency of their plans, and to solve problems they might face during doing business in Indonesia. Several ongoing projects were listed by PT. GLOBAL INVESTASINDO INDONESIA, including Kertajati Aviation City, Margarana Dream City, Perum Perumnas 2018, CGO Village Structure, New World Hotel Bali and RGI Project Silhouete, etc.

      Chairman Hsu of CDRI also said that Taiwan has the technology, capital and talents, but with a relatively small market, therefore the most effective way to do business is to find partners around the world. In the future, CDRI will do their best to help Taiwanese SMEs to invest in Indonesia and create new markets together.

    The delegation and meeting attendees of CDRI

     Mr. Jajat M. Notoprayugo and Chairman Hsu