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    Bureau of Foreign Trade and CDRI assist 15 Taiwanese companies to expand business in Singapore local network "Best of Taiwan" attracted 10,000 consumers

      Singapore has always been considered as an essential hub and birthplace of fashion in ASEAN countries. Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA actively assists domestic enterprises to expand the new south market and entrusts CDRI to implement the "High-Quality, Parity Emerging Market Promotion Program ". In order to assist Taiwanese enterprises in getting rid of their past business models of subcontracted manufacturing and weak marketing, this year, 15 food, cosmetics, infant products providers including Snow Lover, PM0315, Dr. Hsieh, Smartjet Bio, Unicorn, etc., launched their products on Singapore's marketing platform - "Sample Store". Through the platform, they can enhance the image of the brands to the consumers in Singapore. Since June this year, a three-month trial of online merchandise has been conducted, and nearly 10,000 consumer feedbacks have been received. The "Best of Taiwan" buyer-matching meeting was held in Singapore (27th to 28th) a few days ago, local boutique department store Metro, ASEAN food provider YHS (Singapore) Pte Ltd, local e-commerce platform Qoo10, etc., created numerous business opportunities.

      CDRI founds that the online store “Blog Shop” has become the most popular business channel in the retail channel in Singapore recently, and has become a vital channel for Singaporean consumers, especially for younger generations. Therefore, the management of social media and online influencer have become the key to the Singapore market.

       The general manager Pan of Weichuang Biotechnology who also participated in the event said: "This activity is a series of online and offline sales activities. In addition to attracting consumers, it has also attracted many local distributors. It is beneficial for Taiwanese manufacturers." Deputy General Manager Chang of Yoho Medical: "The activities organized by CDRI are in trend and helped to solve logistics and other issues for Taiwanese SMEs."

    CDRI led a number of Taiwanese manufacturers to Singapore for the "Best of Taiwan" buyer-matching meeting