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    CDRI’s "think tank diplomacy" - 15 global think tanks gather in Bali, Tain-Tsair Hsu shares Taiwan experience and calls for accelerating the digital economic transformation

      Tain-Tsair Hsu, Chairman of CDRI, was invited by think tank CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise) to travel to Indonesia last week to participated in the 2018 Southeast Asia Think Tank Policy Forum as the opening guest speaker and exchanged ideas with nearly 100 scholars and experts from 15 countries from the United States and Southeast Asia. This is also the third time that Chairman Hsu has set foot on Indonesia in the past six months, and received fruitful results during the trips.

      CIPE, the organizer of the Southeast Asia Think Tank Policy Forum, is one of the four core institutes of the National Endowment for Democracy and an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. Since 1983, CIPE has been working hard with partners from all over the world. The participation of CDRI represents the success connection with international think tanks. The participants include scholars and experts from 15 countries and a total of 15 think tanks from the United States and Southeast Asia.

      The topic this year is "Best Practices of Think Tanks", discussing the roles and contributions of national think tanks in regional governance and development. Chairman Hsu and the representatives of other think tanks exchanged enthusiastically and shared Taiwan's development experience. Representatives from various countries expressed their desire to deepen cooperation with the institute and participate in cross-border think tank cooperation projects to contribute to regional prosperity and governance. Chairman Hsu pointed out that this is a successful "think tank diplomacy of Taiwan."

      In his speech with the topic of "Taiwan experience", chairman Hsu stated the importance of democratization to economic development and structural transformation. He believed that only democratization could bring sustainable development to economic prosperity, and "Taiwan" is one of the beneficiaries. The process of democratization has made the economic governance of Taiwan more professional and transparent, and citizen participation is an essential boost for modernization and sustainable development.

      Chairman Hsu, who is still in Indonesia at the moment, responded to the enthusiastic invitations from think tanks in foreign countries and pointed out that CDRI is responsible for promoting the digital transformation, upgrading and internationalization of Taiwan's commercial service industry, providing research consultation and corporate innovation in government policy governance, and the innovation ecosystem of business model solutions. It needs to communicate and cooperate with international think tanks. Hsu emphasised that Taiwan not be a member of ASEAN, but CDRI is linked to the critical think tanks in ASEAN. The significance and function are extraordinary. In the future, it will strengthen the connection with the think tanks of various countries, and continue to lead CDRI to the international stage and implement the new business technics. In the era of rapid changes, we will actively expand the road of cooperation with other countries and jointly create new directions; after the meeting in Bali, Hsu will continue to transfer to Surabaya, Cirebon and Jakarta to visit and call on government officials to work with private enterprises to continue to work for "think tank diplomacy."

    Chairman Hsu (middle of front row) and director Huang (front row, right 2), participated in the “Southeast Asia Think Tank Policy Forum” in Bali, Indonesia.

    Chairman Hsu  was invited to be the speaker of the opening of the "Southeast Asia Think Tank Policy Forum"

    Chairman Hsu was invited to attend the Southeast Asia Think Tank Policy Forum.