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    CDRI signed an MOU with the NU University, Indonesia

    Tain-Tsair Hsu: In response to the global changes, join hands with NU to find business opportunities for Taiwanese enterprises


      Chairman Hsu of CDRI invited by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), an Islamic organization with nearly 100 million members, to visit Cirebon for the inspection of its business investment environment, and the visitation of local NU university and port. CDRI took the chance for seeking bilateral opportunities for economic, trade, education, talent cultivation, and the feasibility of Taiwanese investment.

      Chairman Hsu pointed out that during the visit of Cirebon with the guide and introduction of Eman, Head of Economic, NU, and Hanief, Head of Education, NU, he visited NU's Nahdlatul Ulama University and took a boat trip to explore the business plan and environment. During the discussion, the two heads said that they hope that CDRI can assist the students training of Nahdlatul Ulama University, on the one hand, to improve the quality of labour in Indonesia, on the other hand, to solve the labour supply problem of Taiwanese enterprises. Under the suggestion of Eman, CDRI and the Nahdlatul Ulama University signed an MOU for their cooperation. The representative of the Taiwanese enterprise Namliong Group was also invited to participate in the signing.  

      Chairman Hsu further stated that he hopes that CDRI will cooperate with Nahdlatul Ulama University to jointly inspect the investment environment and opportunities of Cirebon, understand local investment regulations and challenges and work together with the governments, think tanks, universities and Taiwanese companies and platform. With the advantages of Taiwanese companies and Indonesia's industrial structure and talents to accelerate the development process and effectiveness of the new south layout of Indonesia's old and new Taiwanese enterprises, and reorganize the global industrial supply chain after the sharp changes in the US-China trade war and the new political geography. Together creating new business opportunities and promoting the new internationalization of Taiwan's economic transformation for sustainable development.

      In addition to visiting NU and local investment development group “Global Investment Indonesia” (GII), Chairman Hsu also went to Cirebon Port to inspect terminal operations and expand construction plans. During the visit, senior local officials revealed that Cirebon would be the second long-term development city as Jakarta. Chairman Hsu said that during the meeting, local people showed their great interest in Taiwanese investment, the senior managers of the local Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce also accompanied and shared various situations in the area. Cirebon’s current average wage is about a quarter of that in Jakarta; NU emphasised on the willingness to fully cooperate and help with the labour shortage of Taiwanese companies.

      He also accepted the invitation of Representative Chen, Chung (John C. Chen) of Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta and discussed the latest developments and issues with the Head of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and representatives of Taiwanese emigrants.

      Chairman Hsu said he sensed the changing and competition on the international politics and economy is apparent via meetings with officials and Taiwanese companies during the non-stop trip from Bali to Jakarta, with two days of discussions with ASEAN's international think tank experts, followed by the schedules in Surabaya, Bandung, Cirebon and Jakarta. CDRI will continue to work for the local investment of Taiwanese enterprises.


    Chairman Hsu of CDRI (third from right), signed the MOU with Hanief, Head of Education, NU (left 2), Eman, Head of Economic, NU and Chairman of NU University (left 3).

    Chairman Hsu and Taiwanese businessmen in Surabaya.

    NU University in Cirebon

    Chairman Hsu talked with Representative Chen of Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jarkarta