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    An in-depth discussion on the cross-border e-commerce summit forum of "New Cross-border Flagship - E-commerce Elites"

    Localization is the key for Taiwanese e-commerce companies to survive in the global market

      The emergence of the Internet has greatly impacted the physical industry. In the new environment of global cooperation, Taiwan’s e-commerce industry wants to break through from its predicament, and the importance of “cross-border operation” can not be ignored. Cross-border operations have indeed become a new power for local industries to create new opportunities.

      Ms. May, Lee, the Director General of Department of Commerce, MOEA said that enterprises should be sensitive on the development trends, local culture, technology, and local consumption habits to succeed in e-commerce. Therefore, the Department of Commerce, MOEA will help the industry overcome difficulties through various counselling programs and work together to enable e-commerce professionals to grow bigger.

      Mr. Lunga-Fa Hsieh, President of CDRI, emphasized that the turnover of cross-border e-commerce in Taiwan is multiplying every year. In addition to these young, energetic, creative, and dreaming e-commerce people in the business who dare to go out of the comfort zone to go abroad, the government and related organizations will give more support to create more opportunities for the Taiwanese e-commerce industry to be in line with international standards.

      Bob Lin, the founder of Acorn Campus Taiwan said that the key to succeeding or fail of cross-border e-commerce is the user experience. E-commerce has been very different from the past because it is no longer just about selling, but more on the value of "User Experiences." Therefore, people in the business must be committed to making their goods and services "completely localized" and to conform to local customs.

      Around twenty domestic and overseas experts from industry, officials, academic fields have been invited to the forum, sharing first-hand information. Including the General Manager Chen of SHOPPING99, Manager Lan of S3, Director Sun of GIGABYTE, CTO Hung of Book Your Life, CEO Chen of AMZ, Assistant Manager of OBdesign, General Manager Chuo of Overseas Dept., of 86 Shop!, founder and CEO Yung of MamiBuy, General Manager Chen of iCarry, General Manager Chang of Morgan Shopping, founder and CEO Tsai of Pubu, etc,.

    Director General May, Lee of Department of Commerce, MOEA

    President Lung-Fa Hsieh of CDRI