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    Commercial leaders from India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam gathered today for Southbound market

    ASEAN/India international forum

      In order to assist domestic enterprises to enter the southbound market such as ASEAN and India, MOEA aimed at the consumption power of the middle class in emerging markets nine years ago and enforced the " Improvement project for high-quality and affordable products in emerging markets" since 2010. The wrap-up presentation" Heading New South, Embracing the Big Market - ASEAN, India International Forum", is being held today and tomorrow (30th, 31st), hosted by minister without portfolio John Chen-Chung Deng, Deputy Director General Lee of Bureau of Foreign Trade, Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI, and President Lung-Fa Hsieh of CDRI. More than 1,000 participants gathered for the outstanding performance of the project which has been introducing high-quality Taiwanese products to the consumers in ASEAN and India successfully.

      Under the promotion of " Improvement project for high-quality and affordable products in emerging markets" by Bureau of Foreign Trade, exports to ASEAN and India have increased from $70.6 billion NT in 2009 to $101.2 billion NT in 2017, a growth rate of 43%. Beauty products and food and beverage exports have grown more than 90%.

      Through cross-field cooperation of enterprises and the improvement of the image of MIT products, a network for large-scale key channel buyers in the local market to accelerate the path for Taiwanese enterprises in the ASEAN and Indian markets was built. Innovative marketing is based on technology combined with new media and community marketing, online and offline (O2O), which provided a platform for product testing. The "domestic experience marketing" was developed for internet influencers to enhance the images of the products online.

      The theme of the forum this morning was ” Global!International Trend”, the General Manager in Greater China of the most popular online-payment company in India ”PAYTM  MALL” to share the information about India market which is consist of a majority of young people, and the development of the PAYTM system. The Acting Director General Thomas Tseng of CDRI also shared some outstanding performance of our domestic enterprises which participated in the “high-quality” project.

      “New partnership” was the theme of the forum in the afternoon. Representatives from important buyers such as Mitsubishi Tokyo, 7-11 Vietnam, Post office Singapore, CARiNG Pharmacy Malaysia were invited to share the information about local markets. 

        Tomorrow(31st) the CCO of Loftwork Japan will be sharing the experience of building up cross-border S&M enterprises, and the result of Wow! Taiwan Selects and “Flash Your Taiwan” will be presented. Buyers from ASEAN (India, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam) will be participating in the event tomorrow afternoon and looking for partnerships with Taiwanese enterprises.

    President Lung-Fa Hsieh of CDRI(left 2), minister without portfolio John Chen-Chung Deng (middle), Chirman Tain-Tsair Hsu of CDRI(3rd from the right), and Acting Director General Thomas Tseng of CDRI (right 2), attended the forum.

    Enterprises leaders from India, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia participated in the forum.