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    CDRI Signs MOU with Tokyo Star Bank

      Chairman Tain-Tsair Hsu and Vice president Champion Wang of Commerce Development Research Institute led a delegation to Tokyo, Japan for visitation of leading enterprises on 18 November. The members of the delegation include Taiwan-Asahi Environmental Technology, Great Tree Pharmacy, Nam Liong Group, South Ocean Medical, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., etc. The delegation visited Sanga Holdings Japan, SUGI Pharmacy Co., Ltd., for their elderly healthcare experiences, and also signed an MOU with Tokyo Star Bank. Chairman Hsu said that Taiwan and Japan both are facing the aging issue, we should find ways of turning "aging" into a driving force for economic growth, making "aging" a key point for the transformation of new economic energy. Taiwan and Japan will exchange information on the long-term care service industry trends in the future, and provide information to potential partners, holding seminars, building a platform for further cooperation.

      The CDRI leading enterprises delegation visited Sanga Holdings Japan on the 18th, SANGA group has 40 service bases in Japan, which provide comprehensive care services for the needs of the elderly. They offer programs for long-term and short-term customized services. In Japan, where the aging and low birth rate is becoming more serious, the concept of "patient firstism" is to provide reliable and safe medical services. In the field of medical cosmetic, it is actively introducing high-end technology and pursuing the most advanced medical service.

     Chairman Hsu pointed out that SANGA Group operates an education system to train the new generation of medical professionals, building the foundation for the development of the business. From the nurses, caregivers, to the clinical examiners training school, in addition to preventing the shortage of talents, it also passes on the culture of the enterprise, so that it can be continued through the generation, which is an excellent business model for Taiwanese companies.

      SUGI Pharmacy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1976 aiming to be the "regional consulting pharmacies" which provide customers with various health care within 1-2 hours. Pharmacists and nurses provide services in patients’ home and dispensing medicine; the services are provided to average 10,000 customers monthly.

       To cooperate on the research regarding aging and low birth rate, Tokyo Star Bank and CDRI signed an MOU, through the MOU they will start projects on the future development of the facilities for the elderly or long-term care facilities with the use of Taiwan's robust IoT technology. Also there will be joint research and analysis projects on foreign long-term care services talents and other aspects.

     Chairman Hsu also said that the social problems of the aging in Taiwan and Japan had not been resolved; it is necessary to turn "aging" into the driving force for economic growth. "Aging" has become a key point for the transformation of new economic energy.