Annual Project

    Annual Project

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    2016 Fine Quality & Pricing Emerging Market Project

    1. The program integrates government, public associations and other resources, accurate grasp of the ASEAN and India emerging market, the overall environment and consumer demand, driven by our industry from the "middle of wealth" export structure adjustment to the "terminal" and promote Taiwan's quality brand image, in order to win the emerging market consumer opportunities. In 2016, the total counseling services reached about 120 industry, 37 successful cases, the target market investment growth of NT$1.47 billion, with contributed to the purchase of about NT $ 4.5 billion.

    2. Assisting our industry in expanding the ASEAN and the Indian market, the project is driven by the four major sub-projects of "Business Information  Optimization", "Export Customization", "Innovative Marketing Model", "Advisors Operation and Achievement Diffusion".

    3. Business information optimization: research on the export policy of Japan and South Korea competition countries; based on the target market, the depth of the market survey, the development of India in "cleanness", Thailand in "comfort", and Malaysia in "new platform" theme business opportunities. The results of the study by building a visualization, digitalization and systematization of the market business website for our use; towards the end of 2016, the site has reached more than 150 million visitors.

    4. Export customer counseling: by using of "manufacturers export energy online diagnosis" system to help 1,279 Taiwan industry analysis of export energy and the introduction of government resources, while providing export guidance by visiting 155 industry, held 17 domestic consultants, and counseling five export star education industry, strengthen the export capacity of our industry.

    5. Innovative marketing model: organizing innovative overseas joint marketing and precision extension of media with 3 activities to enhance Taiwan's 39 brand awareness and image, grafting ASEAN association of 7 retail channel of agents, then entering target market. Another master of the international large-scale channels industry procurement and partner needs, led 30 industry of ours and the international large-scale channels operators to carry out precision media.

    6. The work of the advisors and the spread of the results: communication and coordination with the various units of business services, and by the release of 59 news / feature reports, the media exposed 355 times, held an annual international forum to participate in more than 1,600 people, for 30 seminars / broadcasting briefing, to participate in nearly 1,500 people, published quarterly, broadcasting goods, etc., the spread of emerging market business and guide our industry in the market expansion of new thinking.