Annual Project

    Annual Project

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    2016 New Technology Application Experiencing Environment Promoting Plan

        Promoting the quality of the service industry in the field of operation and the technology-based services of the relevant service providers to assist the domestic commercial field operators as such stores, shopping districts or public services, enhancing the efficiency of industrial innovation and application in 2016. For example, consumer behavior analysis, membership management system, wireless network technology or micro positioning blue tooth etc. to provide consumers with better quality and innovative service model. Outcome of implementation:

    1. According to the business field service providers who want to solve the service in 3 output pain point research report, put the import of technology services application key elements and operational tools research results forward, the establishment of Taiwan service industry application technology with development intelligent service content reference; providing the basis for the needs of the media Industry and services sectors.

    2. Using the service design experience workshop, we will introduce the concept of service design, develop course, and lead the customer to analyze and brainstorm the customer consumption journey map, so as getting the best service for the related service providers. Service design thinking, produce numerous creative service ideas, also with the user-centric model of thinking into the business model, to provide alternative creative services industry thinking.

    3. Building a benchmark case for emerging technology business applications, from which to extract innovative technology business model of service industry, with the expected overseas experimental field, explore the target market, potential business opportunities, partners, the best technology innovation and transfer of business applications to guide and speed up its future global development and promotion of overseas operations, and to promote the development, including Yi Da Development, Kang-Xian International as NISORO, SweetMe Hot Spring Resort, Shen-Geng Industrial Corporation Limited etc., four industry technology to import and optimize its service processes to promote investment in emerging technology business application service-related companies and their investment in the value chain has reached NTD 58,708 thousand dollars.

    4. Using consulting and counseling mechanism to promote service providers to import new technology applications, Yi Da Development Stock companies promoting interaction with AR to provide a multi-experience Kiosk and App linked, and AR interactive with multi-screen integration to enhance personal service and use in the field of the introduction of multi-revenue collection service integration system, interactive digital signage system, digital self-service meal service system, to reach the unattended front desk restaurant, the SweetMe Hot Spring Resort Development APP combined with AR amplification of the real-world tour, through the Beacon context layout to create the effect of attracting guests to Beitou hot springs; Shengeng Industrial Corporation Stock Limited applied WiFi into Apple Wallet electronic membership card and LBS / Beacon, through CRM with EDM / SMS secondary marketing system, in building customer experience loyalty, and improve the overall number of shopping district visitors.

    5. Emerging technology experience activities to achieve specific exposure of media and solutions, our annual marketing and promotional activities, emphasizing the quality of "experience" on how to bring the customer's experience and satisfaction, so that consumers in the field of characteristics and innovative services in the context, having the benefits of science and technology services and facilities to enhance public acceptance of science and technology services. Events in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung have attracted more than 200 visitors including industries in 2016: retail, tourism, and related media.

    6. In the project counseling mechanism, the business service operation and operation of the plant site, counseling and the establishment of innovative services to build the case, by demonstrating the experience of the case and observe the process, the spread to other commercial fields, and to promote business service providers, information industry, system integration and other industries to work closely together to promote the depth of the service industry and technology development to help industry to promote cross-sectoral integration of new technology innovation and application.