Commerce Technology Application Research Division

    Commerce Technology Application Research Division

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    The application of technology for industrial development is not only the stimulation for innovation, but also the key to improve the country's competitiveness. The division will play a key role in the development of the domestic commerce and technology industry, as well as a think tank for decision making in the technology industry and commerce development; on the other hand, it serves as an important driver of commerce technology and to help enhance industrial competitiveness.

    Positioning and Development

    The division is committed to the integration of technology development and the promotion of market businesses. It assists the promotion of the following government policies and the counsel of private enterprises:
    Commerce Technology Industry Innovation:
    Assist in the Innovation and Development of Technology Industry and Regional Industry
    Technology Industry Policy Management:
    Strengthen the perspective on technology and future trends, support the government on decision-making and policy promotion
    Technicalization of Commerce Service Industry:
    Strengthening the market orientation of technology service industry and assisting the commercial technology industry to improve Their competitiveness


    Main Project:

    Government Project
    "Enforcement of Domestic Technology Policy for the Regional Innovation Ecosystem Development "
    "E- Commerce Promotion Project"
    "E-commerce platforms Internationalization: counseling e-commerce companies to establish ASEAN's cross-border operation ecosystem"
    "Research on Enhancing Trader's Core Competitiveness"
    " Linkage for Regional Industrial Policy Project"